Young people hunger and thirst for our Lord's gifts, too, and at Christ Lutheran Church, we want to make sure they receive them!

Teenagers are seeking the truth and searching for substance and value for their lives. At Christ Lutheran Church, we have chosen to gather our young people into full participation in worship and fellowship in the Body of Christ, and to provide them with opportunities to grow in wisdom and Christian maturity.

Teens Receiving God's Gifts and Sharing God's Gifts

Opportunities available for teens to get more of what they are looking for include:

High School Sunday School Class

Meets every Sunday morning at 9:00 to apply the Scriptures to the many challenges young people face in the world today.

Higher Things Youth Gathering

Each summer the youth have the opportunity to attend a Higher Things Conference with Lutheran youth from around the country to worship together, learn together and play together.  Read more about Twelve, the conference scheduled for Summer 2012.

Junior High Confirmation Class

A five year course of study with the pastor that includes an overview of the Scriptures and a careful study of Luther’s Small Catechism… including memory work! Catechumans are brought to the Altar during the Easter Vigil to take their place with all the saints at the victory feast of our Lord’s Holy Supper as soon as they have memorized the primary texts of the Catechism and completed their basic instruction in the Sacraments.

Serving in Christ

Our young people are encouraged to participate in the many service opportunities available to the entire congregation (see “Sharing God’s Gifts”). They also serve as acolytes in the worship service, help with VBS, facilitate other ministries in the church by assisting with childcare, and perform acts of service to parishioners when special needs arise.