Ministry for the Deaf

How are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? – Romans 10:14

It is estimated that 98% of all deaf people in our country are not attending church. Christ Lutheran Church has long been serving the deaf in our community by providing interpreters for Worship Services, Sunday School, and for all special functions and activities. It is our intention to continue this vital outreach to “those who have not heard,” that they too may believe in Christ crucified and risen for life and salvation.


Skilled interpreters are provided for all Sunday worship services as well as all evening and special services. The hearing and deaf worship as one congregation, participating together as one Body in Christ, united in fellowship at the Lord’s Table.

Sunday School for the Deaf

Using materials specifically prepared for the deaf, this class is currently working through Luther's Small Catechism.


We are blessed to have the services of two very fine interpreters, Denee Smith and Greg Goldman.

Denee holds a Master of Education degree from Mississippi State University, and has worked the past eight years for the Mississippi Department of Vocational Rehabilitation as State Coordinator of Deaf Services. She first became interested in getting to know and working with deaf persons about fifteen years ago, and says that her close contact with the deaf members at Christ Lutheran Church has been a rewarding experience.


Greg has been with the Mississippi Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for sixteen years, and currently oversees the efforts of interpreters throughout Mississippi as State Coordinator of Interpreting. Greg holds an Associate of Arts degree from Hinds Community College, and previously worked with the Mississippi School for the Deaf  before moving to Voc Rehab. Greg, like Denee, thoroughly enjoys serving at Christ Lutheran Church, and both have been a blessing to us through their expression of the Gospel through sign language.



It is very difficult for hearing people with little or no sign-language skills to provide effective outreach to the deaf. For that reason, our goal is to teach, equip, and encourage the deaf members of our own congregation to do the work of outreach and evangelism in their own families and communities. Our Committee for Deaf Ministry is currently managing grants and working on other ways to improve and expand this important ministry.


Hearing members of the congregation who are interested in learning Sign Language and sharing the Gospel with the deaf in our community are encouraged to attend the Church Interpreter Training Institute (CITI) hosted by Concordia Theological Seminary at Fort Wayne, IN every summer. Learn more about this intensive program of study.

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