Receiving God’s Gifts, Sharing God’s Gifts.

Welcome to Christ Lutheran Church a congregation of disciples called through Baptism, united by Christ’s Body and Blood, trusting in God’s inspired and inerrant Word, receiving God’s gifts of Word and Sacrament through liturgical worship, then serving and telling others the good news of Christ crucified and risen for life and salvation. We are the Body of Christ Receiving God’s Gifts and Sharing God’s Gifts for the life of the world! Read on to learn more…

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New Life in Christ

Through your Baptism into Christ, you have been so perfectly united with Him that His death has become your death, His tomb your tomb, and His life and resurrection YOUR life and resurrection (Rom 6:3-5). Alleluia!
And now there is more, for Baptism and even Confirmation and Church Membership are just the beginning of your new life in Christ. In fact, now that you have been gathered into the Communion for which you were created through the Body and Blood of Christ, the fun has just begun!
Jesus says, “Follow me,” and with that, we get to participate with Jesus in His rule and reign for the life of the world. Taking our places in the Church Militant and upholding the truth of God’s Word over against the idolatry of this fallen world, we become the very means by which Jesus continues His work of salvation that began with His incarnation, death, and resurrection. Giving generously, loving the unlovable, forgiving the unforgivable, and serving the Father in obedience through our vocations, we who have received the gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation now get to share those gifts for the life of the world around us.
Of course, Jesus remains with us every step of the way, for in the same way that He came to His first disciples after His resurrection, He continues to come for us to give us His peace through the forgiveness of sins. He encourages us by His Word, fills us with His Holy Spirit, and unites us in fellowship with Him and with one another through His Body and Blood. He gives us all we need to continue forward with Him to the next thing… to the life of the Baptized, the joys of discipleship, and ultimately the feast in His kingdom which has no end. Thanks be to God! 
Your fellow servant in Christ,
Pastor Holowach


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