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Return from Exile

Lent may be thought of as the journey we make with Christ from the Mount of Transfiguration to Jerusalem where He will face the cross and the grave for our sakes. It is a very sobering trip, but also a journey that anticipates the joy of Easter.
This year the theme for our midweek Lenten meditations will be “Return from Exile: A Lenten Journey.” As all journeys have a starting point, we will consider our starting point a land of exile - the wilderness of sin and death. Adam and Eve sinned, and we have inherited from them not only sin itself, but also the result of that sin—separation from our Lord and God. Because of Adam’s sin, we have been exiled into the wilderness.
But as in Adam all mankind fell, so by the one Man Jesus Christ have all been delivered to new life. Our relationship with God has been restored so that our destination is the new garden, the courts of heaven—the ultimate destination which was established for us by Christ’s death and resurrection. There is great joy in the journey as we look ahead to our destination, but also penitent humility when we consider the price Jesus paid on account of our sin.
Each leg of our Lenten journey will begin in the Old Testament, then continue into the New Testament, pointing us to the joy that is ours in Christ Jesus. From the very beginning, we shall find that it is Christ who travels with us, even from outside the gates of Eden. It is Jesus who guides our way, and He will remain with us to the very end. Indeed, He has already gone before us to prepare a heavenly dwelling place.
As we enter this Lenten season contemplating the reality of our earthly journey, we do so with our eyes fixed on its destination: the empty tomb and the open gates of everlasting life, the culmination of our Baptism into Christ. God bless your journey and bring you safely to your destination.
Your fellow servant in Christ,
Pastor Holowach


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